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The Soul Lights Story

Soul Lights started as a therapeutic past time for Jay Bird Creator in February 2022, before local interest in her work gave birth to a small business idea. 

The online Soul Lights store was launched in March, 2023. 

Every Soul Light is made solely by Jay Bird in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

Jay Bird Creator works on every step of the process, from sourcing, cleaning, carving and sealing the wood, to embedding lights, crystals and glass.  

Joy and blessings are infused into each piece, as gratitude is given for the opportunity to work with such beautiful elements. 

 Jay Bird Creator believes that every piece calls to the person who is meant to own it and will increase the positive vibrations of the space where it resides.

Wood is ethically sourced from the properties of friends and also from wooden items donated or found at the local recycle shop.

Jay Bird Creator has the vision to grow her online business to the point where she can afford to work part-time as a High School Teacher and further walk the path of an artist and author.  You can make this happen by supporting her work and referring others.

Jay Bird Creator is also Jay Bird Author at and is a published author.

Soul Lights is just beginning - thank you for supporting this unique, local business.

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